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CSW manufactures SEMI Prime Silicon Wafers with unique dimensional and crystallographic specifications.

Available Services, for wafers up to 150mm diameter: Advertised Specials:

      CSW offers:
  • Slicing
  • Lapping
  • Single-Side Polishing (SSP)
  • Double-Side Polishing (DSP)

      CSW specializes in Silicon Wafers with:
  • Low TTV (<1μm)
  • Low Bow/Warp (<5μm for 150mm)
  • Extra-Thin (100μm and thinner)
  • Extra-Thick (1 to 12mm)
  • Uncommon crystallographic orientations such as:
    • (110)
    • (112)
    • (510)
    • any offset to major directions (100) and (111)
Item #S962 - TTV<0.3μm
SEMI Prime Silicon Wafers,
DSP 4"Ø×525±25μm,
FZ Intrinsic undoped Si:-[100]±0.5°,
Ro >20,000 Ohmcm,
Both-sides-polished, SEMI Flat (one),
5 Wafers available, $450.00 each
Item #S5837 - TTV<2μm
SEMI Prime Silicon Wafers,
DSP 150mmØ×250±5μm,
p-type Si:P[100],
Both-sides-polished, SEMI Flat (one),
44 Wafers available, $140.00 each

All wafers are made-to-order. For a price quote, e-mail to:

For ready-to-ship prime wafers, please visit:
CSW, 80 Railroad Ave., Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660 USA;  tel: 201-444-7343;  fax: 201-444-7933;  e-mail:
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